Debt Collection Agent​

What We Do?

Debt Collection Agent​​

Optimize your financial landscape with our comprehensive debt collection services. We understand the impact outstanding balances can have on your results and cash flow. Our expert team is here to support you with a multifaceted approach:

a. Financial reconciliations with other entities: Streamline your financial relationships with direct brokers, insurers, or reinsurers. Our auditing prowess enables us to negotiate and facilitate cut-off liabilities, commutation agreements, and run-offs that foster financial harmony.

b. Recovery of claims from facultative and treaty reinsurers: Leverage our decade-long experience and technical expertise to recover claims efficiently. We navigate complex processes, negotiate with reinsurers, and secure swift recovery, ensuring your financial interests are protected.

c. Recovery of premiums from direct brokers/insureds/insurers: Our skilled negotiators engage directly with insureds to recover outstanding premiums. In cases requiring legal action, we conduct meticulous asset research and collaborate with esteemed local law firms to achieve optimal results.

d. Claims recoveries from Insurance Third Parties: When a claim is paid by an insurance company but may be recovered from a liable Third Party insured with another insurer, we step in as your trusted intermediary. Our adept negotiators handle the intricacies of negotiations, ensuring you receive the rightful compensation you deserve.

At ELAM Insurance Group, we believe in delivering results. Our debt collection services operate on a « no cure, no pay » basis, highlighting our commitment to efficiency and tangible outcomes.

Areas Of Expertise

Data Analysis

Analyzing customer data to identify debtors.


Working with debtors to negotiate payment plans and resolve the debt in a timely manner.

Recovery Strategy

Developing tailored strategies to ensure the highest recovery rate possible.

Financial Analysis

Analyzing financial statements and records to identify any discrepancies or potential issues.


Contacting debtors via several methods to ensure successful repayment.

Regulatory Compliance

Adhering to applicable regulations in the debt collection process.

Legal Representation

Representing clients in court proceedings, if necessary, in partnership with a Law Firm.

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